Questions and answers

Invoicing user icon

The Cointrop digital service offers its users the opportunity to issue an invoice in their preferred e-currency. The list includes such directions as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, XRP, ZEC, RVN, TUSD, as well as ruble accounts of various banks. This tool can be useful for online stores and those who want to receive payment on their site.

Bonuses upon registration user icon

The passage of such a simple procedure opens up a lot of tools and bonuses to the user. Eg:

  1. Referral link
  2. Information on completed exchanges.
  3. Ability to withdraw referral fees


And also, as our client, you will be provided with an increased discount , which is assigned to clients immediately after registration is completed. As the volume of completed transactions increases, so does your discount. You can get acquainted with the levels on the Loyalty Programs page.

Do I need to register for the service? user icon

The Cointrop service does everything possible to facilitate the exchange for customers, so we DO NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION for exchanges.

What is a coupon? user icon

A coupon is a certain set of symbols (numbers and letters) that gives the right to an additional discount, which is added to the discount already available for the User's profile.

How to use the coupon? user icon

After you have chosen the direction of the exchange, indicated the amount and clicked START EXCHANGE, you will proceed to the second stage of creating an application, where you will need to indicate the coupon that you received earlier.

How to get a coupon user icon

    1. After a successful exchange on the site.
    2. On forums/sites of partners.
    3. By participating in service promotions.

Coupon information is available in the User's Personal Account or by E-mail.

For more information, you need to contact the round-the-clock support on the site.

How to make an exchange? user icon

1. On the main page of our site, you need to select the direction of the exchange. (the currency you want to GIVE and GET). Specify the exchange amount in the calculator and click - START EXCHANGE

2. Then you will proceed to the second stage of creating an application. Where you need to specify your E-mail, Card or Wallet number.

You can also re-check the direction and amount of the exchange.

Then click again - START EXCHANGE

3. On the next page you will be provided with Our details for the transfer.

You need to COPY the address for the transfer (or go to the payment site) and make a payment (before sending it is necessary to verify the details), click I PAID

How long does the exchange take? user icon

After the user creates an exchange request, the processing of a new request by the system takes no more than 5 minutes. However, the time of receipt of funds to the account specified by the user, in most cases, does not depend on the operation of the service itself. This period of time is influenced by many factors, ranging from delays in payment systems to network congestion in the cryptocurrency blockchain. You can always clarify this information with a specialist in the Cointrop service support chat.

How can I find out the status of my application? user icon

Users registered on the Cointrop digital cryptocurrency exchange service can find out the status of their applications in the Personal Account, on the “Exchange History” tab.

Unregistered users can check the status of the created application with the support service specialists in the online chat of the service. The application number and operation status will also be sent to the email address specified in the application.


Is it possible to exchange an amount that exceeds the one indicated in the reserve? user icon

It is possible, but for this you must first contact the service support specialists in the online chat to create a request for replenishment of the reserve.

Why is verification needed? user icon

The digital cryptocurrency exchange service Cointrop maintains the security of the Users of the service and fights against fraudulent / illegal actions when conducting transactions with digital funds. According to its AML policy, the Cointrop exchange service may request from the User information confirming the identity to prevent possible theft/use of the User's personal data by intruders. For more detailed information about identification, you can check with the service support specialists in the online chat.

What if the exchange request is deleted? user icon

Sometimes there are cases that the User does not have time to pay for the application within the time frame established by the service due to personal reasons or circumstances beyond his control. The system, in such cases, deletes the application automatically. If payment is received after the end of the allocated time period for payment, the expected funds can be recalculated at the current rate. In such cases, you need to contact the service support service to clarify the status of the application and inform about the delay in payment.

I made a transfer, but the page with the application number disappeared, what should I do? user icon

If you made a transfer of funds, but your page was closed, you need to write to us in ONLINE CHAT and provide the e-mail that you indicated in the application. You can also contact

What should I do if I entered incorrect details? user icon

1. If the system has already made an exchange and the funds have been sent, unfortunately, it will not be possible to return them.

2. If the system has not yet made an exchange, you need to write to the site's Online Chat, provide the application number and confirm the fact of incorrectly specified data. Then provide CORRECT details by mail and wait for the exchange to complete.

What is Tag/Memo ? user icon

In the blockchains of such cryptocurrencies as: Cosmos, EOS, XRP, Stellar Stacks, such an additional parameter as Destination Tag/Memo is used.

Tag/Memo is an additional address feature required to identify the recipient of a transaction in addition to the wallet address. In fact, this label is used to determine the individual account to which this transaction should be assigned and credited.

Refund user icon

The site administration always meets customers halfway and makes a refund.

The main condition for the return is that the application must not be executed. For quick communication, we recommend contacting the site's Online Chat.


1. The application has not been executed. Refunds are processed within 24 hours, minus the transfer fee.

2. Application completed. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund funds. Since according to your exchange, the service has already sent funds to the Details that were indicated.